IENT Upcoming Tournaments!

WarBirds S3 Event: Battle of Britain & the EMC Event

The events hold on Sundays, September 30th and October 7th and 14th.
WarBirds S3 Battle of Britain starts at 1500 EDT


PHASE 3 – 29th/30th SEPT 2018 – Battle of the Midlands: Luftflotte 3 operating from France begin their attacks industrial midlands of Britain.

The event will take place in the NORTHSEA terrain
STARTING: Saturday evenings 8pm-11pm (UK TIME)
RESUMING: Sunday evenings 8pm-11pm (UK TIME)

Bowhunter Cash Prize Tournament

Bow Hunter Cash Qualifying Tournament is September 28th to 30th. Score over 12,000 points, be one of top 5 finishers, and win Cash Gift Card Prizes! Must play all three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Must have a real email account on your account so we can email you about prizes. Practice today!

New version WarBirds Fighter Pilot Coming soon!

IENT announces a new version of WarBirds Fighter Pilot Academy coming soon for your IOS. The new version will feature:


  • Tutorials for first 3 missions
  • Reduced all in game currency costs for aircraft
  • No fuel or Ammo using in first four missions
  • And more!

Red Crimes IOS Edition Coming Soon!

iEntertainment Network teams up with Investigation Discovery to launch Gamaga’s new game, Red Crimes Hidden Murders! Red Crimes is releasing their IOS version August 10th. The first 20 people can win a Free WarBirds month by sending their review of the game to IENT or Gamaga.

Become a detective in Red Crimes Hidden Murders.