New Aircraft, New Terrains, New Flight Models!

CARY, N.C. – December 5, 2017 – iEntertainment Network’s acclaimed World War II simulation, has launched a new version of the game with new and updated aircraft, three new terrains, and completely updated flight models based on newly discovered flight data from real World War II aircraft.

WarBirds is the longest running online combat flight simulation in the world. Hundreds of thousands of WarBirds veterans have flown, won, died, and celebrated the Greatest Generation’s fighter and bomber pilots of World War II. WarBirds takes dedicated learning and lots of practice to survive and win. More Informaton on WarBirds
WarBirds 2018 rewards attention to detail, teamwork, and courage under fire above all else,” says iEntertainment Network’s CEO, ‘Wild Bill’ Stealey Lt. Colonel, USAF Retired, with over 4000 military flying hours in high performance aircraft.  “These are the same qualities you were expected to have if you sought to survive the deadliest air battles of World War II.”

New for WarBirds 2018

  1. Brand new flight model system for the following aircraft: P-40 (E and N models), WarHawk, F4U-1A (both flown by legendary WW II Ace, Pappy Boyington with 25 Recorded Kills — featured in the 1970s TV series, *Baa Baa Black Sheep*), A6M5 Japanese Zero, and more.
  2. New Features: Improved torque effects, realistic fuel burn modeling, engine overheat damage models, adjusted turn, roll, and climb rates, more accurate gun ballistics — along with a new, more capable autopilot feature.
  3. New Terrains:  Pearl Harbor, Japan Islands, Korea, Solomon Islands, Greece, North Sea, New Guinea, Truk, Sicily, Marstown
  4. New Historical S3 series:  Now three lives in different aircraft and multiple aircraft and roles to play for each player.
  5. New Aircraft: P36, MC200, P-38G, Japanese N1K1-J fighter, Nakajima L2d Troop Transport, and British Spitfire 9b.

The WarBirds Community of dedicated gamers, veterans, virtual aviators, and engineers have put in 1000’s of volunteer hours, working with the IENT staff, to update WarBirds 2018 to continue to improve the World’s most accurate Combat Flight Simulation.   All this work insures that WarBirds 2018allows all the combat capabilities of the actual World War II aircraft and rewards those who learn how to use the same techniques that separated the great WW II aviators from the not so great!

New Players can get FREE ONLINE Flight Training from a dedicated group of online virtual Flight Instructors/Trainers that can take any would be aviator from Cadet to Flight Leader!

Online play is always FREE during the first two weeks for new players, After the first FREE Period, players can still play Online FREE but will be limited early set of aircraft (Early German Me 109, American B-25, early British Spitfire, etc.).  For full access to the over 200 plane models and versions of aircraft in all arenas, players must have a monthly subscription to the WarBirds community for a month, 3 months, or 6 months.  Subscriptions are as low as $13.95 per month for Full Gas, Bombs, and repairs to your aircraft 24/7 online.  Compared to other flight simulations that require the player paying for gas, bombs, and new aircraft every time they fly, WarBirds 2018 is a real bargain for a great flight simulation experience.

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