Red Crimes allows players, on their digital devices, to investigate crimes, find clues, and follow the evidence to a successful conclusion of capturing the perpetrators of the crime. Players get to visit the crime scene, find clues, process the clues for evidence, and solve the crimes while enjoying great graphics, great sounds and music, and rewards for successful accomplishments to keep the player wanting to solve all the crimes.

Red Crimes, Season 1 will include 5 different and complex crimes to solve. Season 2, expected in October 2018 with another 5 brand new crimes to solve, will also offer additional new features included Augmented Reality to continue to increase the immersion of the player in the adventure that is crime solving.

Seasons 3 and 4 will be released in 2019.


WarBirds Online has been called the “Best Combat Flight Simulation ever” by various reviewers and publications! WarBirds Online is a true combat flight simulator that takes real skill, practice, and good flying procedures to survive and win!

With WarBirds Online, you can fly and fight against human aviators from around the world, go one on one with them, or join into historical air battles with hundreds of human piloted aircraft, all battling in the same airspace for Allied or Axis Air Dominance!


WWII Tank Simulation game offering offline Single Player and online Multiplayer combat with multiple armored vehicles.

Fighter Pilot Academy

Long-running World War II air combat simulator comes to mobile for the first time. Relive historic World War II aerial combat campaign missions in 24 authentic aircrafts.

Dawn of Aces

WarBirds, Dawn of Aces, is a single player, (thousands of different missions), and massively multiplayer combat simulation of the first combat aircraft dogfights during World War I, 1914-1918! WarBirds, Dawn of Aces is a graphically excellent, historically correct, and exciting simulation flying

Dog Fights

Strap into the pilots seat and fight in the great air battles of World War II. But you aren’t alone. You’ll have a wingman, or maybe a whole squadron around you, engaging small or large groups of enemies over Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific.

Bowhunter 2017

Bow Hunter games are mobile game simulations for iOS and Android devices of Deer Hunting by Bow in the four section of the United States. Bow Hunter 2017 are hunts in North West and South West States of the USA. Bow Hunter 2016 and 2015 take place in Eastern part of USA. Bow Hunter 2017 East and West are upgraded versions of the original Bow Hunter games.