iEntertainment Network is a game developer and publisher of online, mobile, and PC/Mac games. IENT staff has developed more than 500 successful games since 1982, when IENT CEO, JW Bill Stealey, founded MicroProse Software with Sid Meier. Many of these games have sold more than 1,000,000 copies, including the world-famous F-15 Strike Eagle, F-19 Stealth Fighter, M1 Tank Platoon, Silent Service, Pirates, Civilization, and more. iEntertainment Network, headquartered in Cary, NC, started as Interactive Magic, in 1995, and grew rapidly in its early years and went public in 1998. JW Stealey retired in 1999. He returned in the early 2000’s to revitalize the company. IENT current product line includes the world-famous World War II Combat Flight Simulation, WarBirds, a mobile WarBirds game for iOS, a series of Bow Hunting mobile games, a series of single player military simulation games, and new series of mobile and online games for its Media Partners in 2018 and beyond.


JW “Bill” Stealey

CEO and Founder/IENT

Bill is an Air Force Academy Graduate, Wharton – University of Pennsylvania, MBA, former McKinsey and Co. consultant, Command Pilot, and retired Lt. Colonel, USAF. He founded MicroProse Software in 1982 with Sid Meier, author of Civilization. He grew MicroProse to over $43 million in annual revenues in 10 years and took the company public in 1991 with a $500 million valuation. Bill was also the Founder and CEO of iMagic Games Inc. (1994-1999) and returned in early 2000’s to revitalize the company as IENT. He grew iMagic Games Inc. to over $23 million in annual revenues in three years, and took the company public in 1998 at a $350 million valuation.

Jeff Peters

Digital Media Expert

Jeff is a 25+ year industry veteran, and has successfully designed, developed and launched many successful products on all major platforms. Jeff has founded multiple successful companies including the industry staple “Electronic Gaming Monthly” (EGM) in the 1980’s. Most recently Jeff served almost 10 years at industry leader Electronic Arts as Studio Director and Executive Producer and has been recently featured by SyFy Games as part of their ICON series for overall contributions to the industry.

John Jones Steele

Software Developer, Consultant

JJ is an engineering genius with over 35 years of game development experience who worked for JW Stealey at his previous company, MicroProse Software, as a contractor. Currently CTO at West Coast Software in Wales, UK. Converted IMAGIC’s massive multiplayer code base to IOS in record time.

Dan Hammer

Lead Simulation Developer

Game Development, Server Management, Database management, 20-year game operations management and development experience. Designed, developed, and managed the release of most of the current lineup of simulation products.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. (Colonel, USAF Retired), Michael Lambert,

iMagic Investor, is Vitreoretinal Surgeon, former T-38 Jet Instructor Pilot, an experienced and successful investor of 17 startups, and a 1970 graduate of the US Aire Force Academy

Mrs. Barbara Kaczynski,

iMagic investor, was formerly the CEO of the National Football League and a Board member and Audit Chair of Take Two Software, a large and successful game company. She is a partner at Red Birch Partners.

John Hammill Sr.,

iMagic investor, is President of Hammill Medical of Toledo, Ohio. He is a World Presidents Organization member and former F-100 fighter pilot of the Ohio Air National Guard.

Colonel Ed Cole, (USAF Retired),

iMagic investor, was an outstanding baseball pitcher at the US Air Force Academy, former F-16 Fighter Pilot, UPS airline Captian, and a 1970 graduate of the US Air Force Academy.

Mr. Joseph Cash,

iMagic investor, is a former Sr. Vice President at ChoicePoint, a consumer information company for 36 years. Joe held various leadership positions from technical to sales leadership. Joe, contracts and legal discussion of the company advising the CEO.

Mr. Tom Sylvester,

iMagic investor, is a published author of four novels, a software company President, a 1982 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, who took up flying after leaving the Air Force and is now flying internationally for a major US Airline.